Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

victoryoflightaugust25 “Connectedness. Openness. Success. And The Power of UNITY, all of these are the keys to the new millennia, to the new era, that has indeed opened its heavenly gates to you ALL. 

And so and thus, the time has  once again come for all of you, our beloved brothers and sisters of the new world, to attune your antennas to our guidance, to attune your antennas to our transmissions and understanding of self. For within your own bodies lay the portals, the portals to the understanding of your creator selves. The portal to the understanding of HOW to utilize the newly found energies within your spherical beings of light and love in order to achieve success in the next phase to come. 

I have not formally spoken to St. Germain prior to receiving this tool, and found myself flabbergasted when he came to me early in the morning as I…

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